Our design work on the new Resthaven headquarters at Wayville is part of the long awaited Greenhill Road revitalisation and was featured in The Advertiser Business Journal recently.

Costing around $12 million, the new three level building, situated on the City-Bay tramline and on land that was once part of the historic Annesley Girls College, consolidates three separate Resthaven commercial premises on the one site.

It also signals that plans for the future growth and revitalisation of strategic areas of metropolitan Adelaide are taking effect, including along parts of Greenhill Rd, where rezoning will allow for building heights of up to eight storeys.

Brown Falconer was asked by the former Integrated Design Commission to do design testing on the planning changes proposed for the Greenhill Rd boulevard, which was a precursor to the now implemented new zoning.

Take a look along Greenhill Road right now and you can see there’s a lot of rejuvenation of ageing stock and redevelopment underway. It’s a strategic area, offering a unique opportunity with northern orientation and views of the city, along with a number of properties having good proximity to the tram.

The new zoning allows for development which lifts the scale along the northern edge and is then reduced towards the rear lane of these properties to reduce any impact on adjacent residential neighbourhoods.’

The ideal format for new Greenhill Rd developments would incorporate all three key mixed use elements – residential, work place and hospitality/retail.

Work on the new Resthaven headquarters was dictated by the organisation’s need for cultural enhancement through shared spaces and more connected working environments.

We’ve been the aged care provider’s architect for more than 50 years, during which time we’ve worked on numerous project that deliver form, function and longevity.

In that time most of our work with Resthaven has been residential in nature, where we were focusing on finishes and details. This building was a counterpoint for them and is very much a work-based environment where the aesthetic sees more of the building’s inner workings exposed, while also taking into account its location abutting historic homes in residential streets, as well as the adjacent college buildings.

One of the key things has been to unify the workforce and the building features a central core that encourages interaction between staff. It also provides training space and the ability to accommodate staff when they all come together from outer sites to the main base.

There’s a large outdoor area on the upper level and the structure has been designed to facilitate possible expansion for maximum flexibility

The front portion of the land remains a significant development site with up to eight levels under the new zoning for Greenhill Rd which offers potential for provision of independent living in the future.