Chris Hill


Joining the team in 2019, Chris brings a forever developing set of skills in visual communication, graphics in the Adobe suite, as well as 3D modelling and documentation in Revit and Sketchup. So far, his experience has been applied to projects in the Education, Residential, Commercial and Aged Care sectors.

With a couple of student awards under his belt from his studies, Chris’s architectural interests have focussed on biophilic design and the many facets of sustainable architectural design with the aim of exploring how building design can improve an inhabitants physiological and mental well-being. He has also developed experience as an architectural mentor and tutor with the University of South Australia.

For him, architecture is the central node in a network of processes and industries with the aim to improve quality of life through the built environment, with the role of the architecture forever striving to strike the balance between technical knowledge and creative expression.

Beyond his architectural skills, Chris’ passions are based heavily in drawing, digital art, reading and photography. He is practically attached at the hip to his sketchbooks and can rarely be found without one.