SACE Board Relocation


The SACE Board of SA, engaged Brown Falconer to undertake a feasibility study investigating an agile work method approach for their workplace and relocation of their premises. The SACE Board wanted to move to a more task and project based workplace design, rather than by segregated team and or division. Through a series of CO-LAB workshops, we collectively arrived at a solution based on Project Hubs, Quiet rooms, Meeting spaces and a suite of various collaborative spaces. There are no enclosed offices for staff and the emphasis is on shared spaces (both formal and social), reduced on-site storage and maximising future flexibility regarding work groups and workstation configurations. Through this process Brown Falconer was able to identify SACE’s aspirations, understand their challenges, clearly define the key requirements of the users and positively manage the Stakeholder expectations.

SACE Board
Adelaide, South Australia