Light Adelaide


Rescuing a beautiful Victorian façade is always a pleasure. Add to that an adaptive reuse as a fully digitally immersive performance space combined with a celebrity chef restaurant, and all run as a not for profit to support arts and hospitality, and the work feels really meaningful.

Light Adelaide and Aurora Restaurant celebrate the remaining heritage fabric of a building with many past uses while integrating an abundance of tech, connectivity and many square meters of high definition digital display panels. ‘The Lab’ is a fully immersive, flexible and creative space where the architecture is about opportunity and enablement, because the end result will be the product of the artists and audiences who make it their own.

Threading thousands of meters of cabling, exhaust for a South African charcoal ‘Brai” and accommodation for hundreds of patrons through four storeys of state heritage building presents its challenges, but the once slumbering Victorian is now alive and well and an exciting new addition to Adelaide’s arts and hospitality scenes. (Photography:  Lyndon Stacy.)

Winnner Commercial Fitout up to $5M, Master Builders SA 2021

Nick and Sophie Dunstone
Adelaide, South Australia